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Asheville Newcomers Club
Women making friends & exploring our community


The club offers more than 34 regularly scheduled activities, including games, book clubs, hiking, dining, happy hours, and exploring the community.  Most activities meet monthly, year-round.  Browse the listing below for those of interest to you! 

Pursuing Adventure

ANC Wander Women:  Enjoy traveling with other Newcomers to destinations in the US and perhaps even internationally.  MEMBERS ONLY

Biltmore Pass Holders
:  Enjoy the many activities available to pass holders at the Biltmore Estate with other Newcomers. MEMBERS ONLY

Explore Asheville:  Members visit artistic, educational, entertainment, and historical places in and around Asheville. Optional lunch afterward. MEMBERS ONLY

ANC Solos: Explore downtown evening events and night life, restaurants and more with a fun group of single women. MEMBERS ONLY

Daytrippers:  Trips to interesting towns/places within a 2 hour drive of Asheville.  On occasion an overnight stay. MEMBERS ONLY 

Cerebral Delights

Book Clubs:  These groups meet monthly.  Each club develops its own program and selection of books to read. MEMBERS ONLY 

Chick Flicks:  The group enjoys a quick lunch while discussing the movie selections that afternoon at a selected theaater.  Each member chooses the movie she wants to see and the group divides up accordingly.  MEMBERS ONLY

Enjoy a Good Game

Bridge:  One of the most popular card games in the world.  MEMBERS ONLY 

Canasta:  A rummy like card game usually played with four people in a group.  MEMBERS ONLY

Mah Jongg:  An ancient Chinese game played with tiles.  MEMBERS ONLY

Rummikub:  A cross between Dominoes and Rummy.  MEMBERS ONLY

Company and Food

Around the World Wine Club:  Educational wine tasting as members select the country and enjoy a taste of  various wines from that country. Enjoy snacks and wine in a relaxing home environment. MEMBERS ONLY 

Birthday Fiestas:
  Monthly birthday luncheons for members celebrating their birthdays that month.  MEMBERS ONLY

Couples Dining:  Couples dine together at designated homes. The host prepares the entrĂ©e and participants prepare the rest of the meal. Menus are provided and costs are shared.  ONE GUEST ALLOWED PER MEMBER

Fun Lunch:  A social get-together at an ANC member’s home.  Food and wine assignments made each month to share with group.  MEMBERS ONLY

International Cooking:  Couples choose a country, learn about its cuisine, and enjoy a dinner from that country.  Expenses shared.   ONE GUEST ALLOWED PER MEMBER

TGIT – Thank Goodness it’s Tuesday! :  Singles and couples enjoy happy hour at different restaurants and bars in the Asheville area.  ONE GUEST ALLOWED PER MEMBER 


Arts and Crafts

Crafts:  The group is led through an organized craft project. MEMBERS ONLY 

KnitWits: Learn how to knit with an experienced instructor in a small group setting. MEMBERS ONLY

Needlework: Experienced in all kinds of needle work, join other members to work on a project in a social environment. MEMBERS ONLY 

Lovers of the Arts:  Enjoy local plays, concerts, and shows with other Newcomers. MEMBERS ONLY 

Giving Back

Hearts & Hands for MANNA Volunteer once a month at MANNA, our community food bank.  MEMBERS ONLY

G.I.V.E. – Gals Interested in Volunteer Experiences:  Members volunteer for projects that arise throughout the year as single events. MEMBERS ONLY 

Donations: Members are asked to bring items each quarter for the selected organization.

Let's Get Physical

Easy Striders:  Members walk for about an hour. Good for beginners and those who must limit their exercise. Optional lunch afterward. MEMBERS ONLY  

Gardening Group:  Gardeners of all levels exchange ideas, visit local gardens as well as each other's home gardens, and share "green" tips.  MEMBERS ONLY

Ramblers:  Moderate hikes of 3-4 miles.

Sole Sisters:
  Moderate to strenuous hikes of 2-3 hours in various locales with up to 1000 feet elevation gain.  MEMBERS ONLY

Take a Hike:  Couples hiking. Hike with your husband or a friend.   ONE GUEST ALLOWED PER MEMBER

Special Events

Winter and Summer Parties: Open to all members and one guest.

Monthly Events: A variety of local events (plays, concerts, charity benefits, baseball and basketball games, parades, etc.). Open to all members and one guest.

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