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The club offers more than 34 regularly scheduled activities, including games, book clubs, hiking, dining, and exploring the community.  Most activities meet monthly, year-round.  Browse the listing below for those of interest to you! 

Pursuing Adventure

Explore Asheville:  Members visit artistic, educational, entertainment, and historical places in and around Asheville. Optional lunch afterward. MEMBERS ONLY

ANC Solos: Explore area events and night life, restaurants and more with a fun group of single women. MEMBERS ONLY

Day Trippers:  This group explores interesting places within 1-1.5 hours’ drive from Asheville, followed by a lunch near the destination. MEMBERS ONLY

Globe Trotter Gals: Travel in states and abroad with your Asheville Newcomers Club friends 

Cerebral Delights

Book Clubs:  ANC has seven different book clubs.  These groups meet monthly.  Each club develops its own program and selection of books to read. MEMBERS ONLY 

Chick Flicks The group enjoys a quick lunch while discussing the movie selections that afternoon at a selected theater.  Each member chooses the movie she wants to see and the group divides up accordingly.  MEMBERS ONLY

Fine Art Movies4th Sunday ‚óŹ Meeting time varies based on showtimes. NOTE: The Sunday may change based on movie availability. This group gathers for a movie at The Fine Arts Theatre or The Grail Moviehouse. The group then meets at a nearby restaurant to discuss. The group leader recommends a movie for the group. An evite will be sent with the recommended movie and the list of other movies and showtimes at the selected theater.   MEMBERS ONLY

ANC Book LoversLooking for a good book to read?  See what other ANC members are reading by signing up to receive a monthly email which lists books our ANC book clubs have selected for the month.  MEMBERS ONLY

Enjoy a Good Game

Bridge:  One of the most popular card games in the world. There are two bridge groups for you to join.  MEMBERS ONLY 

Bridge: Let’s Learn Bridge:  Don’t play bridge? Why not learn.  MEMBERS ONLY 


Good Time Bridge : For new and intermediate players .  Meets twice a month  Members only 

Mah Jongg:  An ancient Chinese game played with tiles.  MEMBERS ONLY

Euchre: A trick taking game played by four players in teams of two.  MEMBERS ONLY

Rummikub:  A cross between Dominoes and Rummy.  MEMBERS ONLY

Arts and Crafts

Beginner Craft Circle : this group will select a new craft and or rotation of leadership with various projects. Members can bring a project they are currently working on . Members only 

KnitWits: Learn how to knit with an experienced instructor in a small group setting. MEMBERS ONLY

Gallery Gals: This group meets monthly at a different gallery location each month to enjoy artwork together and an optional lunch.  MEMBERS & GUESTS

Company and Food

Around the World Wine Club:  Educational wine tasting as members select the country and enjoy a taste of  various wines from that country. Enjoy snacks and wine in a relaxing home environment. Wine Club members may also participate in tasting visits at local wine shops and nearby vineyards as scheduled by email invitation. MEMBERS ONLY 

Birthday Lunch Celebrations:  Monthly birthday luncheons for members celebrating their birthdays that month.  MEMBERS ONLY

Cooking the Books: Reading cookbooks, articles on recipes. Cooking (activities decided by the group)   MEMBERS ONLY 

Couples Dining: Couples meet at a designated home to enjoy company and a meal.

Fun LunchA social get-together at an ANC member’s home.  Food and wine assignments made each month to share with group.  MEMBERS ONLY

Fun Plus 1: Same model as fun lunch.  Members are encouraged to bring spouse, significant other friend, future member to chat and engage.  Attendees brings what they want to drink and an appetizer to share .

Thirsty ThursdaysThis social group explores venues throughout our members' area while enjoying each others company. Much like a happy hourBring a guest too!

Solo CelebrationsGet together on selected holidays to share fun, food and friendship with members who are single or may not be able to be with family.  Each activity will be streamlined to the holiday traditions and participants will all contribute to the festivities.  MEMBERS ONLY 

Let's Get Physical

Let's Take a Walk: Afternoon walks in some of Asheville hot spots.  MEMBERS ONLY

Woodsy Wanderers: Hike 2-4 miles in the woods, at a pace that enables us to enjoy nature and its many wonders. MEMBERS ONLY

Sole Sisters:  Moderate to strenuous hikes of 2-3 hours in various locales with up to 1000 feet elevation gain.  MEMBERS ONLY (two-legged only - no pups allowed)


Special Events

Winter and Summer Parties: Open to all members and one guest

Monthly Events: A variety of local events (plays, concerts, charity benefits, baseball and basketball games, parades, etc.). Open to all members and one guest.


Giving Back

Hearts & Hands for MANNA Volunteer once a month at MANNA, our community food bank.  MEMBERS ONLY

G.I.V.E. – Gals Interested in Volunteer Experiences:  Members volunteer for projects that arise throughout the year as single events. MEMBERS ONLY 

Caring Crew: Helpful volunteers respond if members are in need of a bit of temporary help (a ride, a meal, a friendly visit …)  MEMBERS ONLY

Donations: Members are asked to bring items each quarter for the selected organization.

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